We are extremely proud to share with our school community the achievement of our students in the past month.

Zefanya Abbie M. Putra (MS9)

Bronze Award

World Mathematics Invitational Seoul, Korea

16 July 2018

Farrel Jevon P. Putra (EL6)

Bronze Award

Zefanya Abbie M. Putra (MS9)

Bronze Award

Asian Int’l Mathematics Olympiad

Bangkok, Thailand

3rd – 7th August 2018

Siti Aisyah Zahra P. Aaqilah (7B)

4th Place

Yamaha Schs. National Music Comp.

13th September 2018

We sincerely hope that our student’s achievement will inspire more of our young learners to be confident achievers in their respective pursuits. Onwards, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi! 😊

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