We are extremely proud to share with our school community the achievement of our students.

World Scholars Cup

4th May & 5th May 2019

57 Silver Medals
50 Gold Medals
1 Trophy (Scholar’s Challenge)

Good luck for the next round in Manila and Sydney !


CMA 5th Foundation Mental Arithmetic Competition 2019

21st April 2019

Chloe Alenka Suherman (EL1C)
3rd Place Winner


NOW! Jakarta Schools Comp. 2019

11th April 2019

Nigella Malka Leo (EL1B)
1st Runner Up – Drawing Category

Zarin Anindita Prasetya (MS8B)
Judges’ Favourite – Photography Category

Naira Amadea Senoaji (MS7B)
Judges’ Favourite – Essay Category


Sekolah Bogor Raya Annual Language Competition

5th & 6th April 2019

Dyandra Charismiadji (HS11A)
Nimas Ulinar Damessa (HS11)
Bonfilio Dazzle V. Gyula (MS8B)
1st Place – English Debate Competition

Dyandra Charismiadji (HS11A)
Bonfilio Dazzle V. Gyula (MS8B)
Co-Winners – Best Debater Award

Selina S. Harriman (HS11A)
1st Place Winner – Speech Competition


Japan International Science & Math Olympiad (JISMO)

Sekolah Global Mandiri Cibubur
6th April 2019

Reinalya Audie Nugraha (EL2C)
Joan Chrissy Liem (EL3)
Bonifacio Dillan V. Gyula (EL4)
Ruby Award (Science)

Rafi Aidil Satria (EL2C)
Emerald Award (Science)

Irfan Amwaluddin Wibowo (EL4)
Sapphire Award (Science)

Lucas Alvin Jovan (EL3)
Kayla Safira Azzahra (EL6)
Good Effort (Science)

Farrel Jevon Pranata Putra (EL6)
Ruby Award (Math)

Rafi Aidil Satria (EL2C)
Serena Talitha Kirana (EL3)
Emerald Award (Math)

Adnan Ramadhan Wibowo (EL2A)
Maleeq Al Danish Nugraha (EL3)
Sapphire Award (Math)

Pietro Jasper Wangjaya (EL2C)
Bonifacio Dillan V. Gyula (EL4)
Kayla Safira Azzahra (EL6)
Good Effort (Math)

Joann Chrissy Liem (EL 3)
Bonifacio Dillan V. Gyula (EL4)
Legend (1 Star) Award


We sincerely hope that our students’ achievements will inspire more of our young learners to be confident achievers in their respective pursuits and areas of interest. Onwards, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi! 😊

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