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Felicia Rose, Alumni Class of 2019

BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi has helped me grow into the person I am today by providing me with high-quality education as well as various opportunities. I was able to involve myself in community activities as well as external competitions, allowing me to make meaningful connections and experiences The supportive and competitive environment also motivated me to excel academically and to consistently strive for more. This led to my high school success and helped me get into a reputable university abroad.

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28 October 2020
This year, our United Nations Day celebration brought the theme “Transform the World”, which is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The event which took place on Thursday, 24th October 2019 turned our School into international festival of arts, culture and language! Our cute ECY/EL students came in traditional costumes of their choice and showcased the vibrant costumes from China, Korea, Japan and even Saudi Arabia. At the assembly, our students answered trivia questions about the United Nations and contributed points to their respective Houses. The House of Trust garnered the most points for the quiz, much to the delight of the house members. We also watched a short video on how students from different cultures come together harmoniously in our School. One of the highlights of our assembly was the performance from our high school students who had recently won an inter-school band competition. What an amazing performance by our confident achievers! Congratulations, BINUSIANS! The celebration also included a photography competition for our MSHS students. Students were encouraged to submit photographs that capture the essence of any of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to highlight what we can do to contribute towards those causes or efforts. Deadline for the competition is on 4th November 2019. At BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi, we often celebrate school events as one big family. Thus, it was not surprising to see our PSG and Class Parents pull out all the stops for the United Nations International Exhibition at our Mini Hall on that day. We had a total of 10 country exhibits complete with information boards and delicious food-sampling and other tasty treats which are unique to each country. Classes took turn to visit the exhibition and had the opportunity to learn more about each country through the displays, artefacts and food that were prepared. Again, we are so privileged to have a supportive community of parents who are willing to work hand in hand with the education of our beloved students. Thank you, PSG & Parents!  
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5 Reasons Why I Am A Proud BINUSIAN @BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi

5 Reasons why I am a proud BINUSIAN @BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi

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