Our curriculum encompasses inquiry, proactive discussions and creativity. Learning activities encourage autonomy, risk-taking, responsibility, and conflict resolution in order to provide the students with a sense of achievement. Learning is based upon exploration, observation, imitation, self-discovery, manipulation and direct experience with interesting resources.
Play  is  encouraged in  both  indoor  and outdoor settings so that our students are able to use the environment to solve problems in an enjoyable way. Laughter and fun are parts of our learning atmosphere. The classrooms are comfortable, clean and stimulating.
Our teachers use a variety of strategies including individual, small and whole group activities, a balance between structured & non-structured experiences as well as provisions for quiet time, to cater to all learning styles and development levels. While respecting the student’s first language and encouraging the practice of Mandarin, teachers are committed to reinforce the use of English Language throughout the School.


Key Principles of Early Years Programme

BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi takes tremendous pride and joy in providing our young learners with a holistic learning approach. Learning is made fun through playing and engaging activities. It is strengthened by a supportive system to facilitate students’ active participation and to encourage a love for life-long learning.

Here are the 4 key principles of Early Years Programme in BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi:

  1. Holistic Approach (Academics and Affective)

We deliver excellence in providing a well-balanced education which focuses on the academics as well as affective areas to develop attitudes, academics and life skills throughout students’ education in order to be successful in life. We integrate learning with values and BINUS identity.

  1. Promote a Love for Learning to be Life-Long Learners

We encourage students to be curious and want to learn more deeply and are keen to learn new skills throughout their lives.

  1. Integrated Interactive Learning

We believe that students are active learners. We leverage resources and opportunities in innovative ways to deliver inquiry and activity based, play as medium and thematic approach into learning.

  1. Adults as Supporters in Learning

We promote a meaningful collaboration with parents and other supporting adults to support students’ learning and engagements.


Age Qualification

  • EY 1: Must have turned 3 years of age by 31 December 2024 and must be toilet-trained.
  • EY 2: Must have turned 4 years of age by 31 December 2024 and must be toilet-trained.
  • EY 3: Must have turned 5 years of age by 31 December 2024 and must be toilet-trained.

Entrance Qualification

  • Parent Interview

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