Since its inception in 1981, BINA NUSANTARA has steadfastly established itself as a front runner in providing quality education in Indonesia.

For more than three decades, the BINA NUSANTARA (BINUS) family of institutions is committed to developing world-class knowledge institutions… in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise.

At the heart of BINUS is also the unrivalled dedication to promoting the culture and values of our beloved land, country and its people.

Fuelled by the love for its country and people, infused with the spirit of innovation and enterprise, and driven by its unwavering mission of bringing quality education to all, BINUS continues to carve milestones in its journey to excellence.


True to the BINUS spirit of innovation and enterprise, we continue to break new grounds and strive to bring quality education closer to all.

Located on 4 hectares of lush greenery, within the Vida Bekasi mixed-residential development, BINUS is proud to welcome its latest addition into the family – our newest star – BINUS SCHOOL BEKASI.

Drawing from the strengths in ICT, infrastructure and resources of BINA NUSANTARA, and coupled with the wealth of experience in the  field of holistic world-class education, BINUS SCHOOL BEKASI  is excited to welcome you and your child into our Home for Learning.

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