Despite the challenges that we may all be facing during this pandemic, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi is truly blessed to have parents in our community that genuinely care for others, as they would their own families.

During the blessed month of Ramadhan, our school parents contributed and raised funds to not only help members of our community, but to help our neighbours as well.


On 11th May 2020, our PSG delivered and distributed forty-eight (48) COVID19 essential care packs & cash donations to our School’s frontlines i.e. our security personnel and cleaners.


Our PSG also presented our community leaders and heroes e.g. police and military personnel with sembako boxes as a token of our School’s appreciation for their service in the front lines.


In addition, our parents donated medical equipment e.g. thermoguns, masks and gloves to neighbouring health facilities around the School, to show our solidarity and support in the fight against COVID-19.

Thank you our parent community for your kind generosity and kindness in leading the way for us to foster and empower our Society. God bless you!

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