Despite the current pandemic, it is inspiring to know that some of our students have been keeping an active mind and spirit through participation in a variety of online conferences, competitions, and engagements.

We are pleased to share the details in this issue of our School Update:

Audrey Ramadhanti K. (HS12B) – Elizabeth Christy Go (HS12B) – Shirley Adriane (HS12B)

2 nd Place Winners 4 th

DIGIMARK Business Case Competition 2020 – 21st November 2020


Mathematics Awards

Andy Eugenio Sutanto (EL2B) – Diamond Award

Lovely N. N. Sidoyono (EL2C) – Caitlyn T. Rentimun (EL2C) – Aghniny F. Bunyamin (EL3A) – Nazhwa Zhafirah Nazhir (EL3B) – Gibran Iskandar Alam (EL4C) – Rafi Aidil Satria (EL4A) – Ruby Award

Louis Giovanni Marciano (EL2A) – Makaila Z. Azzahra (EL3B) – Rashanda Reinathania (EL3C) – Aluna Azkadina Zenithya (EL3A) – Adnan R. Wibowo (EL4C) – Patra B. Iskandar Alam (EL6) – Emerald Award

Olin Hanna Annora (EL2C) – Rusdy Ferdinand Gouw (EL3B) – Maleeq Al Danish N. (EL5) – Sapphire Award

Clay Jevon Kurniawan (EL4B) – Theodore Fillan Kumbo (EL4B) – Winston Revata Halim (EL4A) – Reinalya Audie Nugraha (EL4C) – Irfan A. Wibowo (EL6) – Good Effort Award

Japan Int’l Science and Mathematics Olympiads (JISMO) Autumn 2020 – 3 November 2020


Science Awards

Andy Eugenio Sutanto (EL2B) – Louis Giovanni Marciano (EL2A) – Nazhwa Zhafirah Nazhir (EL3B) – Benedict P. Ugang (EL3C) – Aghniny F. Bunyamin (EL3A) – Rafi Aidil Satria (EL4A) – Maleeq Al Danish N. (EL5) – Joann Chrissy Liem (EL5) – Ruby Award

Caitlyn T. Rentimun (EL2C) – Olin Hanna Annora (EL2C) – Rashanda Reinathania (EL3C) – Winston Revata Halim (EL4A) – Irfan A. Wibowo (EL6) – Emerald Award

Makaila Z. Azzahra (EL3B) – Karina Elma Safiya (EL3A) – Reinalya Audie Nugraha (EL4C) – Alexandria A. Yudhadi (EL4C) – Dylan Eugenio Wirawan (EL4D) – Sapphire Award

Ken Asher S. Soekarno (EL4A) -Serena Talitha Kirana (EL5) – Good Effort Award

Japan Int’l Science and Mathematics Olympiads (JISMO) Autumn 2020 – 5 November 2020


Bintang Sebastian Maxi (HS11C)

Honorable Mention High Scope Model United Nations (HSMUN) Conference – 18 – 19 November 2020


Shanessa E. M. Putri (EL4D)

1 st Place Winner – Grade 3 – 4 Category

Giuliann Zoey Feldian (EL2A)

2 nd Place Winner – Grade 1 – 2 Category

Star Medallist:

Priscilla Malika H (ECY2) – Top 5

Quinzia D. Rahardito (ECY3) – Top 5

Nazhwa Zhafirah Nazhir (EL3B) – Top 11

Kidpublish Story Telling E-Festival 14 November 2020

We are extremely proud of our students’ outstanding achievements in the abovementioned competitions. These achievements are a clear testament to their BINUS SPIRIT of striving for excellence, despite the pandemic that we are in right now. Onwards, BINUSIANS!


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