The BINUS Youth Leaders’ Summit (BYLS) is an annual event that brings together young leaders from all over Indonesia to partake in critical discussions on ongoing social and environmental issues and to develop realistic and sustainable solutions. The three-day summit, which was organized by our sister school, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, was held online from 15th 17th April 2021. Our School’s delegation was made up of the following members:

Awluna Ramadhya (11A)

Bintang Sebastian Maxi (11C)

Clara A. Fitria Saerang (11C)

Putu Lysandra X. Subagya (11A)

Sandryna Alivia Lubis (11B)

Sixty (60) student delegates from different schools in Indonesia gathered and tackled global and current issues such as climate change, waste management, deforestation, marine pollution, cybercrime, mental health, sexual harassment, gender inequality, poverty, and others.

With this year’s theme, ‘Architects of the Future: From Vision to Reality’, the summit highlighted how the younger generation plan and build our future, and how their ideas and visions can bring solutions that can shape our world.

At the summit, the delegates participated in different activities such as seminars, games, school presentations, mixed group discussions, and project sharing sessions.

One of our School’s delegates, Bintang Sebastian Maxi, was among the 12 candidates for Best Delegate during the summit. Also, Putu Lysandra Xaviera Subagya’s Mixed Group, won the Best Project Award. The group’s winning project, Zero Hero Project, proposed innovative and sustainable solutions to fight and reduce waste management problems. The Best Project will serve as a springboard and will be adopted by all the participating schools in the summit.

Despite the threats and challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s BYLS offered valuable experiences and inspirations to the student leaders to have a deeper understanding of local, national and global issues. In addition, it provided the perfect opportunity for our students to make new friends and build their social network. We sincerely hope that through this opportunity, our future leaders will be well on their way to creating a positive influence, to foster and empower society to a better future!              Onwards, BINUSIANS!

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