Religious Activities in BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi

Saraswati – Hindu

This year’s Saraswati was celebrated on 18 March 2022 with the theme, “Be Smart, Be Kind, and Be Great,” The event was aimed to commemorate the day of knowledge.

This activity was attended by students, staff, and parents from BS Bekasi and BS Serpong. The event was solemn and interesting. Some students from both schools took part in the series of events. Hopefully we can hold this fruitful activity every year.



Easter Celebration – Christian

Christian students celebrated Easter on Friday, 22 April 2022. This Easter event was celebrated together with BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi, Serpong and Simprug. The theme of this year’s celebration was “The Power of Jesus’ Resurrection,” which was a call to all our students, teachers, and staff to remember that they are saved from sins because of God, and they can spend all eternity in heaven with God. Throughout the event, our students praised and worshipped God, listened to sharings, together with our sister schools. This is a memorable event as our Christian students were able to celebrate together as on BINUS SCHOOL unit, To God be the glory!!!


Our Catholic ECY-HS students, teachers and staff especially celebrated Easter 2022 on Friday 22nd, April 2022. The theme of this year’s celebration was simply, “Semakin Mengasihi, Peduli dan Bersaksi”. By this event, we hope that we could follow Jesus to love each other, care and be the light of the world. Through this celebration, Holy Mass was led by Romo Risal Baeng. Though we still face the challenges and struggles from the pandemic, we should be grateful for every moment in our life, to commemorate Jesus’ Resurrection. Together we celebrate the moments of Easter and share God’s love for all of us. This event also provided a chance for our students to share talents in glorifying our God our in singing and monolog.

Buka Puasa BersamaMoslem

Tema: “Meraih Berkah Ramadhan” Kegiatan ini berkolaborasi dan sudah didiskusikan dengan PSG.


Kegiatan ini diadakan untuk:

  1. Memperkuat keimanan dan ketaqwaan kepada Allah SWT
  1. Memberi motivasi agar lebih rajin beribadah dan mengamalkan perintah Allah SWT
  1. Menerapkan makna puasa dalam kehidupan sehari-hari
  2. Memahami esensi keberkahan Ramadhan


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