Grade 6 Onsite Transition Programme

Preparing students to be ready for the next level is something that we are always looking forward to as a school. Every year, ECY3, EL6, MS9, and HS12 will move on to the next chapter in their journey. ECY3 will continue to Elementary, EL6 will move to Middle School, MS9 students will be going to High School and HS12 students will transition to college or university life.
We know that surely there are some changes, even challenges in the future. The best way to be able to master it is by giving them knowledge and preparation beforehand. The Guidance and Counselling Office is very excited to guide and support students to have a smooth transition.
The EL6 Transition Programme was concluded last Monday, 30th May 2022. EL6 students came to school to wrap up their Elementary journey with their classmates, teachers, and GCs. We were very thrilled seeing them all come back to school. We also witnessed that the students were happy and excited being together again after 2 years of being online.The event started with an outdoor game. We gave them the opportunity to bond with their classmates through fun activities. The event then proceeded indoors where they listened to the explanation from MS teachers and their seniors from Middle School 7. In this session, the teacher and senior informed them about Middle School life, this is to ready and prepare them for the joy and challenges in Middle School. After that, the students had a group discussion to share about their feelings for the upcoming years. We also asked them to put their plan on paper. At the end of the day, we asked them to write their testimony about their Elementary years.
Thank you EL6. It was such a great time. Cheers to your next adventure.

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