Parent Support Group Recognition

We had our last meeting and Parent Support Group Recognition on 30thMay 2022, Monday. Some School Updates were shared and at the same time plans for Academic Year 2022 -2023.

The main part of the programme was to show appreciation and have a fun time with our Parent Support Group Executive Committee and Class Parent representatives. We prepared performances, luck draw and tokens for them.

The ExCo received a plaque for their years of service along with personalized towels while the Class Parent Representatives received personalized towels for their years’ service.

We are very grateful for the ExCo of 2021 – 2022 for agreeing to end the Academic Year. They have truly helped in the transitioning of the school.

Thank you, parents for your unending support and cooperation. Let us continue to work hand in hand in raising your child/ren, our students to be the future leaders of Indonesia.

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