Student Council 2022 – 2023 Investiture

Students voted for their respective teams last 29 April and the winners are the Cajun Team:

President Teresa Annabelle
HS Vice President M. Aviciena
MS Vice President Jacqueline Surya Alim

And the Grade Level Representatives are:

Grade 8 Representative Awdi Lakeisha
Grade 9 Representative Rebecca Adeline
Grade 11 Representative Bulan Ghaisan
Grade 12 Representative Carmellita Richelle

Grade 7 & 10 Representatives will be confirmed in August.

Thank you to the Student Council of 2021 – 2022 for your service. It was appropriate of Glory, SC 2021 – 2022 President to cite that she has gained skills and has matured during her tenure as the SC President. With all the activities and coordination with others, there’s no other way but to grow and improve. Proud of you, SC 2021 – 2022!


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