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BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi conducted a Live – In Programme in Yogyakarta from 30th September to 5th October 2022. This external learning engagement was specifically prepared for our Middle School 9 (MS9) and High School 11 (HS11) students, and there were 60 students who participated in the Programme. Through this Programme, we aimed to increase students’ awareness of the rich Indonesian culture from Yogyakarta; to respect and appreciate one of the cultures in Indonesia, to increase students’ awareness about the way of living in one of the areas in Indonesia, and to give opportunity for the students to explore nature and economic living of people in PENTINGSARI Village as one of the domestic destinations in

The Live-In Programme itself was prepared and led by Gilang Wisata, an external vendor. During the Programme in PENTINGSARI Village, students were divided into groups of 4 to 5 students, where each group stayed in one homestay. There were several activities arranged for our students to experience the lives of the villagers there, such as how to make tempeh, how to make coffee, how to cook mushroom as snack, and to know the importance of traditional herbal plants. In addition, students were exposed to appreciate the art and culture in the village as they learned how to play gamelan, how to dance the traditional dance, and how to membatik. Students also experienced first-hand how to catch fish, how to plant and to plow the field rice. On the other hand, not only did our students experience the lives in the village, but our students also conducted bakti sosial by giving out sembako to the local villagers who are in need.

On the last day of the Programme, students were brought to appreciate tourist destinations in Yogyakarta as they visited Candi Prambanan, Tebing Breksi, and Teras Malioboro. Hopefully, through these activities our middle and high school students are able to appreciate, respect, gain knowledge, show empathy, and learn soft skills in life.


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