Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day is a day dedicated to all children around the world to acknowledge how important they are to their parents, family, friends, school, and to the world as they are the ones who hold the future. This year, Universal Children’s Day was celebrated with the general theme of, ‘A Better Future for Every Child’, and our school wanted to highlight the key people who play important roles in shaping our students’ future. ‘My Family, My Heart’ was the school theme for BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi’s Universal Children’s Day 2022.

ECYEL students celebrated Universal Children’s Day on 18th November 2022 with festive and meaningful activities. We had the opportunity to play 11 varied games at the Fun Fair, enjoy snacks and drinks specially prepared by our parents, and receive love letters from our loving parents, siblings, and relatives. It was super fun and memorable, as we know that we are precious and so much loved. We would like to express our gratitude to all parents who have not only been very supportive for this program but also been loving and caring parents. Yes, our students are loved. They’ve got their rights as children, and they are grateful. Thank you, dearest Parents, for arising loving and caring children. We believe they will be willing to share their love and care with others.


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