Family Carnival Day 2023

We had our 1st Family Carnival after the lockdown on 18th March 2023 Saturday. It was attended with approximately 500+ parents and students. The event was opened by BINUS SCHOOL Education President, Mr. Michael Wijaya Hadipoespito and ended by Vice President, Mr. Francis Budiraharja Santoso. There were a variety of activities that transpired on that day such as house cheers competition, singing duo, parents’ vocal group, stand – up comedy, game booths, and food, drinks & miscellaneous booths.

The general feel was that of camaraderie and excitement as this is the first time the families are again in the school’s vicinity. Not to mention, the weather was excellent! The overall champions were the Blue Dragons! Congratulations!

The event, led by Student Leadership & Development Committee headed by Mr. Didy, Mr. Fajar and Mr. Yusdi and their team along with all other BSB teachers and staff did an excellent job in hosting this event, making sure that everyone enjoyed and had fun! Way to go, BSB!
Thank you to the Parent Support Group led by Ibu Intan Sadono and Ibu Alfiyah Nur Oktavia Ningsih and their team for the support and the cooperation! And of course, thank you to parents and students for attending, participating, having good sportsmanship and having fun with all of us! Here’s to the next!

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